About Us

About Change & Innovation Agency:

Before we were a company we were public servants working in various agencies ranging from Food Benefits, Tax, DMVs, Economic Development, Human Services, Information Technology, and Administration.  We were the employees who popped in every Monday thinking we could take on the world and change things for the better.

We were the annoying folks who were embracing every improvement initiative that came down the turnpike, and jumping on every bandwagon we thought would help us do more good work.  We were the ones who made you total quality manage your department, try to measure our performance, and took up way too much time in staff meetings pontificating on the virtues of a good continuous improvement strategy.

Then one day, something magic happened.  After years of trying to make what worked in the private sector work for us, we stopped.  We stopped trying to shove the square peg into the round hole.  We stopped talking about improvement, and we stopped listening to all the reasons we couldn’t do it.  We simply did.  We took a single government process performed around the country, and we fixed it.   We made it go over 95% faster, and it didn’t cost a dime.  Amazed ourselves, we tried it again.  We took another single process, in a completely unrelated field, and we fixed it.

We had stumbled across a repeatable formula for success and spent years going from agency to agency making things go faster, improving our relationship with customers, and fixing anything they would let us work on.   Then one day, we decided if it worked in all these different agencies, it would work in other areas of government.   In other counties, other cities, other states.  And we left the public sector, crossed over to the dark side, with one intention – let’s help the people of government increase their capacity to do more of the good work of government.

For the last 15 years that has been our mission.  We work primarily with the public sector through our books, workshops, and consulting efforts to cut through the legacy of CYA, and just make things better.  We have a special place in our hearts for social workers and the important work they do to help the most in need.  Our job is to increase their capacity to do more good.