Cloud-Based Process Management Software

“An element in experience of artistic representation evoking compassion”
“A cloud based process management system that clears the path for compassion”

The perfect companion to our Proccess Management strategy, Pathos lets you monitor and manage your workflow, helping you to transform chaotic case management system into accountability, clarity, and transparency—that you can predict and control.


Our proprietary software, Pathos uses real-time data and our adaptive algorithm to learn the rhythms of your office, helping you anticipate issues, overtake them, and meet the needs of your clients, quickly, efficiently, and strategically. And all without any additional equipment or staff.

Pathos tracks each client and caseworker through every step of the process, and then aggregates that data into reports that let you:


Compare and enhance performance.

We have the ability to know on a daily basis—in real time, even—what our work flow looks like, where our staff needs to be fortified, where our resources are best placed. That clarity is empowering. We don’t work in silos anymore.